I can see by your wings that you were only telling me a secret about the wind.

©1976 John Beaulieu All Rights Reserved


The Summit

No concern at the summit to differinate a pathway from a trail

nor an epoxy bonded keyboard from sound.


 ©1973, John Beaulieu, All Rights Reserved


Soft Beams

Soft beams of cream colored light.

The clown, my face, listening to horizon lines.

The quite lullaby dream



into ice on a winter day

discovering orgone crystals of blue ice.

Eying twilight modules of energy.

 ©1976 John Beaulieu, All Rights Reserved


Letting Go

This object, a wondering object,

blue shaped like a singing egg.

This singing object, mating with an unseen wind.


This object, hold this object in your mind.

Shape its blue form into a bird, a silent bird.

A bird without a chirp.


Look through your birds eyes into its song.

Let the bird go.


This is a song in your mind.

Let the song go.


This is a sound in your mind.

Let the sound go.


This is your mind.

Let your mind go.

©1976 John Beaulieu, All Rights Reserved