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StreechZeidlerCDcover “When I am performing I am open to discovering new adventures. This is why I have called my compositions Piano Adventures. My childhood piano adventures were simple stories about cats and dogs, thunder and lightening, wind, leaves falling, sun, and rain. My adult piano adventures are about orgone energy, unwinding, gamma rays, shadows, chaos, found music, and randomness. Each piano adventure calls on every resource I have from a childhood love of sound through my adult studies of New Music, chance operations, mathematical probabilities, and topological spaces.” – From Streetch & Ziedler Notes by John Beaulieu Tracks Include: Gamma Voices Streetch & Ziedler Shadow Music Winding and Unwinding Streetch & Ziedler Again Orgone Phantasy “John Beaulieu is into a whole different musical language. He plays with a great deal of intelligence, taste, wit, and poetry.” – Peter Frank, SOHO Weekly News, New York, NY “John Beaulieu’s piano virtuosity invokes a language of its own and his command of the keyboard is wonderfully displayed in these unique pieces.” – Peter Uno, Soundforms John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D