Woodstock, NY


    Orgone Phantasy Woodstock NY Concert from John Beaulieu on Vimeo.

    Orgone Phantasy (1979) February 25, 2012 Woodstock NY John Beaulieu Piano

    Orgone Energy streams in oceanic pulsations across the night sky. White filament spiderlike webs create a dome, tracing the end of the sky, along which blue lights travel. Stars appear as holes of light through which the lights disappear and reappear within the web.

    The term Orgone Energy was created by the late psychiatrist Dr. Wilhelm Reich to describe a universal life force. Dr. Reich looked into the night sky and saw Orgone Energy streaming, glimmering, and pulsing in oceanic rhythms. Orgone Phantasy uses special graphic music notation based on the experience of Orgone Energy that requires visual spontaneous interpretation. The pianist, looking at Orgone music notation streaming across the page, allows the piano to spontaneously play itself in order to active a real time stream of Orgone Energy. The Orgone Music scores, which are visual mandalas, are published in Orgone Music “Visual Harmony. Orgone Phantasy and are recorded in my CD Streech and Ziedler “Piano Adventures”.

    John Beaulieu